Smallholder Agribusiness Partnership (SAP) Programme

Smallholder Agribusiness Partnership (SAP) Programme (hereafter refered as SAPP) is a six-year project with a total cost of USD 105 Million. The Government of Sri Lanka and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and private sector (Agribusiness companies), smallholder farmers, Participatory Financial Institutions (PFIs) has jointly funded the programme. The total investment and recurrent costs over the six-year implementation period, including physical and price contingences, is estimated at USD 105 million (LKR 17 billion), including IFAD financing (blend terms) of USD 54.4 million. The contribution by the Government of Sri Lanka amounts to USD 19.3 million; this however comprises USD 0.7 million in the form of forgone taxes and duties, and USD 18.5 million in reflows from previous IFAD-financed lines of credit.


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USD 105 million

Total Investment
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Total Beneficiaries
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