# Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships

Production of Export Oriented Tomato in Poly Tunnels and Related Value Chain Development to Benefit Smallholder Farmers in Badulla District

Total Project Cost


Locations of the Project


Number of Beneficiaries


Background of the Proposed Project

To enhance the income of smallholder farmers in Badulla District through export oriented intensive tomato cultivation under poly tunnels which leads to sustainable livelihood development of the selected farmers.

Project Objectives

• Improving the technical knowledge of the farmers to significantly increase yields and maintain a steady supply of high quality tomatoes for the export markets.
• Preventing oversupply situations in the markets which drastically depress farm-gate prices.
• Detailing farmers into successful entrepreneurs who own and operate sustainable agribusinesses within the Badulla district.
• Generating direct and indirect employment thereby raising the economic and social wellbeing of the farming community. Project output The Chello Dairy Products(Pvt) company currently produces more than 15 varieties of dairy products from 4 million litres of milk collected mainly from 800 smallholder dairy farmers scattered in Hambantota, Ratnapura, Badulla, Moneragala, Amapara & Polonnaruwa districts annually through its milk collection network comprise of 15 commission based milk collectors, 05 milk chilling centres and chilled milk transporting system. Company has ensured guaranteed farm gate price for milk. Supporting these farmers, there are about 370 passionate people in the company to make dairy products available to thousands of consumers in the country every day. Company caters to 20% of dairy products selling retail outlets of the country through its island wide marketing network having 52 distribution points and 77 vehicles. Company has already created a trusted brand and market for its products.

Project benefits / outcomes

• Poverty alleviation of poor farmers
• Livelihood Improvements of farmers
• Enhance high quality products
• Increased income of farmers
• New opportunities for Youth
• Enhance food security, nutrition and health with the participation of woman and youth

Investment Plan

Social Impact

• Tomato growers will continue to have increased output.
• Positive impact on foreign reserves of the country.
• Increased living standard of the farmer.
• Social enterprise in operation for betterment of the village society.