# Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships

Traditional Rice Production as an Agri Business to Uplift Livelihood of Smallholder Farmers

Total Project Cost

RS. 20,526,725.00

Locations of the Project

Puttalam District

Number of Beneficiaries

110 Out Growers

Background of the Proposed Project

To establish economically viable and sustainable traditional rice based agri-business for rice farmers in Kirimetiyana, Lunuwila

Specific objectives

• To promote traditional rice production to have marketable surplus adequate for a regular market.
• To produce minimum of 2.5 MT high quality seed paddy of selected traditional rice varieties as youth entrepreneurship as separate entity.
• To familiarize and adapt parachute method of planting for traditional rice to increase production.
• To minimize the post-harvest losses due to improper drying and sub-standard storage.

Project output

• Assured market opportunities for traditional rice is established as the disposable and marketable quantity is high.
• High quality seed paddy of commercially attractive traditional varieties is produced as a special enterprise.
• Simple and appropriate technologies are adapted by the farmers resulting high tillering rate per bush leading yield increase.
• Post-harvest value addition by minimized seed moisture and healthy storage with minimized post-harvest losses is achieved.

Project benefits / outcomes

• Conservation and sustainable utilization of traditional rice varieties as an adaptation to impact of climate change.
• High potential to exploit export markets for traditional rice to earn foreign exchange
• Traditional rice production as a profit oriented sustainable social enterprise will be attractive to the youth farmers while encouraging them to return for farming.
• Conservation and sustainable utilization of locally evolved traditional rice germplasms as an adaptation to the impact of climate change
• Increased access to rice with more fiber and other nutrients preventing consumers from Non-communicable diseases due to consumption of highly processed commercial rice.

Investment Plan

Social Impact

Traditional rice growers will continue to have increased output.
• Positive impact on foreign reserves of the country.
• Increased living standard of the farmer.
• Social enterprise in operation for betterment of the village society.