# Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships

Stakeholder Dialogue on Promotion of Consumption of Fresh Milk – Opportunities & Challenges

Smallholder Agribusiness Partnership Program (SAPP) funded by IFAD and implemented under MOA, with the assistance of Department of Animal Production and Health and other regional and national level agencies has initiated 10 projects under producer-public-private partnerships (4P) model covering 5977 smallholder farmers with the objective of increasing productivity and collection of milk through linking smallholder farmers to companies and assisting them by providing grant, credit and capacity building and institutional strengthening to improve their dairy farms. Though there is a huge demand for fresh milk now in the country due to post-pandemic situations, SAPP observed that local companies have not shown much interest into fresh milk promotion and distribution. If the consumption of fresh milk (liquid milk) can be increased, importation of powdered milk can be reduced and thereby foreign exchange can be saved and general public can enjoy fresh milk with high nutrition value. With the promotion of SAPP, 02 Dairy Promoters (companies) have already started liquid milk distribution in main cities and is becoming popularized among general public. With those lessons learned, SAPP aim to bring SAPP dairy promoters, empowered dairy youth and other industry stakeholders to see the possibilities of promotion of liquid milk and distribution and also make a dialogue on other prevailing issues in the industry in a single forum.