# Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships

Success Stories of Entrepreneurs - Shiromee Damayanthi

Shiromee Damayanthi was a hardworking woman who had been working in a garment factory for many years to support her family. However, her husband’s passion for farming and rearing buffalos always intrigued her. They had a small piece of land, but they didn’t have the resources to invest in their farm. “From a daily wage worker at a garment factory to a successful agri-business owner, the SAPP program has given me the opportunity to turn my dreams into reality and create a better future for myself and my family.” – Shiromee Damayanthi One day, while attending a SAPP awareness program, Shiromee learned about the opportunities and support available to small scale farmers through the program. She realized that this could be her chance to turn her family’s fortunes around. With the help of SAPP, Shiromee was selected to benefit from the smallholder agribusiness partnership program. She was provided with a credit facility of 1000000 to start her agribusiness. With the financial assistance and guidance provided by SAPP, Shiromee was able to resign from her job at the garment factory and start her own business. She decided to focus on curd production and branded her products under the name “Amaya .”
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Thanks to her hard work and dedication, Shiromee’s business flourished. She was able to save 2000 rupees daily in her bank account, which was a significant improvement compared to her previous job. Her products were in high demand, and she quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality curd. Shiromee’s success story is a testament to the impact that SAPP can have on smallholder farmers. Without the program’s support, she may have never been able to realize her dreams of becoming a successful agribusiness owner. The SAPP VCM, Mr. Anura, played a crucial role in identifying and supporting Shiromee throughout her journey. His guidance and support were invaluable in helping her achieve her goals. With the right support and resources, small holder agropreneurs like her can transform their lives and create a better future for themselves and their families.