# Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships

SAPP GreenVeg Collaboration colored my life in Green

Hiruni, a 20-year-old girl from Abagasdowa,a small village in Sri Lanka, had always been interested in agriculture, but her parents wanted her to study commerce in school. After completing her Advanced Levels in commerce, Hiruni decided to pursue her passion for agriculture and started looking for opportunities in the field. That’s when she heard about the Small holder Agribusiness Partnership Programme (SAPP) and the Green Veg Exports Greenhouse Cultivation Youth Project. Hiruni was intrigued and decided to apply for the program. “As a girl and youth entrepreneur, I will be able to increase my income as well as my household income with the support of the SAPP program. Additionally, I aim to inspire young people in my village to persue a career in agriculture and start their own business.” – Hiruni Madhubhashini After going through a farmer-friendly selection process, Hiruni was selected to be a part of the program. She was provided with training in greenhouse cultivation, maintenance, and marketing. Hiruni was also given access to modern farming equipment, seeds, and fertilizers. With the support of SAPP and the Green Veg Exports Greenhouse Cultivation Youth Project, Hiruni started her own greenhouse cultivation business. She started growing bell peppers as the first crop.

Hiruni’s hard work and dedication paid off as her crops started to achieve vegetative growth. She will be able to sell her vegetables at a premium price to local markets and also to the Green Veg Exports company, which exported the vegetables to international markets.

Today, Hiruni is a successful farmer and entrepreneur. Thanks to the support of SAPP and the Green Veg Exports Greenhouse Cultivation Youth Project, Hiruni was able to turn her passion for agriculture into a successful business. Her story is a testament to the power of education, training, and entrepreneurship in transforming the lives of rural smallholders.