# Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships

Deliver quality product to the consumer by ensuring sustainable livelihood of vegetable farmers under a productivity enhancement program “Empowering Future Ready Agripreneurs”

Total Project Cost

RS. 244.7 Mn

Locations of the Project

Rathnapura, Polonnaruwa

Number of Beneficiaries

500 Out Growers

Background of the Proposed Project

Deliver quality product to the consumer with the improvement of livelihood of vegetable farmers under a productivity enhancement program

Specific objectives

• Provide technology assistance, agriculture equipment and training for 490 farmers.
• Increase the production volume of each farmer by 50% through technology integration
• Increase the profitability of each farm by 50% by reducing costs through farm mechanization
• Reduce postharvest losses and returns at receiving point
• Improve quality of the product through extension services provided by Keells agriculture extension / field officers.

Project benefits/outcomes

• Increase the productivity and quality of their produce such that their businesses will be more profitable and competitive in local as well as international markets.
• Improving the sustainability of their farms by promoting conservation of water resources and discouraging excessive use of agro-chemicals.
• Ensure that incomes for rural farmers are at least in the range of Rs.34, 000 - 40,000 per month.
• Keells will benefit from the better quality, variety and availability of fresh products that will result from the activities of this project
• Keells customers will benefit from better quality produce with minimal use of agro-chemicals.
• The environmental benefits of reduced agro-chemicals and water conservation will benefit the local communities.
• The beneficiaries of the farmers such as their families will benefit from their increased incomes.
• Other farmers in the community will benefit from the skills and knowledge shared from the farmers who participate in the project.

Investment Plan

Social Impact

• Farmers will continue to have increased output.
• Positive impact on foreign reserves of the country.
• Increased living standard of the farmer.
• Social enterprise in operation for betterment of the village society