# Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships

Improvement of Market Oriented Dairy Production and Processing of Milk Producers Cooperative Society, Bandarawela

Total Project Cost

RS. 43,739,006.00

Locations of the Project

Ella, Hali Ela and Haputale

Number of Beneficiaries


Background of the Proposed Project

Improving sustainability and financial returns of the members of the Milk Producers Cooperative Society, Bandarawela through increased productivity, reduced post-harvest losses and value addition

Specific objectives

• Value addition liquid milk through pasteurization and sachet packing prior to marketing
• Farmer level Dairy shed infrastructure development to exploit potential productivity of dairy cows.
• Night feeding cows ad-lib with crop residues to compensate the 30% Dry matter deficit in daily feeding
• Strengthening of farmer organization on organizational management skills and dairy management technology
• Establishment of milk chilling facility at dairy service center to cease milk quality deterioration.

Expected outputs

• Milk pasteurization unit and a milk packing unit are in operation to add value for 200 L daily.
• Comfortable housing for dairy cows ensured and husbandry facilities are facilitated.
• Feeding cows in shed during night with treated crop residues is practiced by the farmers
• Effective administrative and technological management of Milk Producers’ Cooperative society

Social Impact

• Positive impact on foreign reserves of the country.
• Increased living standard of the farmer.
• Social enterprise in operation for betterment of the village society.