# Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships

Improvement of Productivity in Smallholder Dairying and Processing Capacity of Coconut Triangle Milk Producers Coop Union Limited (CTMPCUL)

Total Project Cost

RS. 74,271,000.00

Locations of the Project

Kuliyapitiya, Panduwasnuwara, Wariyapola, Bingiriya, Udubaddawa, Pannala, Kobeigane, Dankotuwa

Number of Beneficiaries


Background of the Proposed Project

Main objective of the project is to increase the income of the micro and small dairy farmers in Kuliyapitiya, Panduwasnuwara, Wariyapola, Bingiriya, Udubaddawa, Pannala, Kobeigane, and Dankotuwa through sustainable on farm productivity development with better management. Number of key actions will be taken at the project initiation. Those are; To improve the livelihood of member farmers through increased minimum daily income of Rs. 1500.00 from dairy farming while facilitating Coconut Triangle Milk Producers Co-Operative Union Limited to process all the milk so as farmers to have better margin Farmers will be categorized into three models;

Specific Objectives

• To improve the husbandry practices providing dairy shed and skill for management and milk production to achieve minimum of 70% cows in milk. (There is a knowledge gap in husbandry practices as the beneficiaries are not full-time dairy farmers. This had led to mask the potential milk yield of cows).
• To improve the dairy cow nutrition by providing minimum of 25% dry matter requirement by mixed ration feeding of cultivated fodder. (Feeding has been the core issue in dairy management. Introduction of high yielding fodder cultivation will be the appropriate remedy).
• To increase factory reception of milk by 20% during project period through promoting evening milking. (Processing facility needs to be upgraded to accommodate the increased milk yield during the project. This would also help to produce varieties of products as per the demand.)
• To improve processing capacity by replacing outdated machinery. (Processing facility is currently equipped with machinery of low efficiency leading high cost of production. It is now high time to replace some of the machinery to increase the efficiency).

Investment Plan

Social Impact

• Positive impact on foreign reserves of the country.
• Increased living standard of the farmer.
• Social enterprise in operation for betterment of the village society.